* estimated savings per licensed builder

The 2014 session of the South Carolina General Assembly has come to an end and once again your Home Builders Association was hard at work protecting your interests.  Your Home Builders Association worked on 150 different pieces of legislation to promote and protect the vital work of home builders and residential developers in South Carolina.

Here is what we accomplished:

  1. Successfully opposed mandated residential fire sprinklers (again): $181 million in annual savings to home builders and their customers
  2. Passed a one-year extension to the Multiple Lot Property Tax Discount: $1.9 million in annual savings
  3. Successfully defeated a proposal to sunset the residential solar tax credit: $780,000 in annual savings

In addition, your Home Builders Association engaged in several other legislation initiatives including health insurance, unemployment insurance, tax credits, septic tank regulations, stormwater regulations, and building codes, resulting in a total annual savings to our members of $320 million–just in 2014!

Your Home Builders Association influences government at all levels.  Our goal is to protect affordable housing and to stop needless regulation that adds costs to new housing.  If you know of an individual or business in the home building industry who is not a member of the Home Builders Association, make sure they know what the Home Builders Association is doing for them every day, and ask them to become a member.