*Estimated savings per licensed South Carolina builder as a result of direct efforts of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina

Why should you continue to support your Home Builders Association? Because in 2015, the Home Builders Association of South Carolina worked diligently to advance the issues most important to HBA members. Your Home Builders Association was actively engaged in more than 100 bills during the first year of the 2015-16 legislative session to promote and protect the vital work of Home Builders, Remodelers, land developers, light commercial contractors, and other professionals across South Carolina. Our efforts included:

  • Successfully opposing mandated residential fire sprinklers in the building code: more than $180 million in annual savings.
  • Passed a budget proviso for state-specific high wind and seismic zone mapping: more than $150 million in annual savings.
  • Supported legislation to prevent enforcement of erroneous building code section requiring fireproofing of floor joists in crawlspaces: more than $25 million in annual savings.
  • These items, along with other legislative and regulatory issues like health and unemployment insurance, local government policies, septic tanks, and building codes, created a total savings of more than $355 million for 2015 alone!

Your Home Builders Association influences government on all levels. Our goal is to protect affordable housing and to stop needless regulatory costs, which ultimately trickles down and affects everyone who works in the home.

If you know someone who makes their living in the construction and real estate development industry, but is not a member, tell them about these results and ask them why they are not a member. Keep our industry strong and ask that they join your Home Builders Association today to make sure they have a job tomorrow!