by Michael Dey, Executive Vice President
Home Builders Association of Greenville

Do you wear a shirt with your company’s name and logo on it?  Does your vehicle have your company listed on the door?

Just last week I was driving on the freeway and another driver aggressively passed me and changed lanes in front of me.  He was in a hurry I am sure, but what got my attention was the magnetic sign on the rear of his pick up truck.  Right there in front of me was the name of his company, phone number, and website address.

I called him.  Not to complain, but to give him this advice: be careful what you do in public.  After all, what do you think is the likelihood that I will do business with a person who causes me to have to take evasive action to avoid an accident on the freeway?  If you guessed not likely, you guessed correctly.  And that is the same reaction every other person in public will have when you misbehave in public, and the name of your company is prominently displayed on your shirt, or your vehicle.

If found this article in Remodeling this morning that reinforces this advice.  It is a short article by Kathy Shertzer that offers the same advice: behave in public.