Recently we provided a profile of builder members based on an annual survey conducted by NAHB’s Economics and Housing Policy Group. Now let’s look at associate members, who represent about two-thirds of the total membership and work in a wide range of professions related to home building. Here is a breakdown of the primary work activity among associate members:

  • 40% – subcontractors or specialty trade contractors.
  • 13% – professional specialty.
  • 10% – retail dealerships or distributorships.
  • 9% – financial services.
  • 5% – wholesale dealerships or distributorships.
  • 21% – another type of primary activity.

The median age of associate members is 54, and about half either finished college or have an advanced degree. Another 33 percent have some college education or career technical training. About 82percent of associate members are men and 18 percent are women. In comparison, about 93 percent of builder members are men and 7 percent are women.

The average number of employees on the payroll and company revenues for associate members varies significantly based on the member’s business activity; the median number of employees is 8 and the median revenue is about $1.3 million. Detailed information on the survey analysis is available here.