You just made an offer on a home and you are probably wondering what the next step is. As soon as the offer is made, you should consider scheduling a home inspection.

Although not required by law, a home inspection is still a good idea that many mortgage lenders require. A home inspection will help you learn about your new home and identify potential issues, particularly in older homes.

When going through the home inspection process, here are just a few tips to keep in mind.

Schedule your Inspection as soon as possible
It is your responsibility as the buyer to schedule and pay for the inspection. You should schedule it as soon as your offer has been accepted so that you and the current owner have adequate time to address any repairs you may request, or to cancel the contract if the inspector discovers a deal-breaker. Your Realtor will help you select a home inspector.

What a Home Inspection will show
In short, a home inspection will tell you the current condition of a house, such as the systems that may need to be repaired or replaced. Most home inspections will not address cosmetic issues that do not affect the working condition of the home. You should keep in mind that no home is perfect but the inspection report should help determine if it is the perfect home for you.

Be there on Inspection Day
It is important for you to be at the home for the inspection. That is your opportunity to ask questions and learn about your new home.

Inspections for New Construction Homes
The process for a newly-constructed home is slightly different than for an existing one. You and your builder should have been meeting together throughout the construction process, but before closing, you and your builder will walk-through your new home and conduct a final inspection. During the walk-through, make a list of everything that needs attention, ensure you and your builder agree on a timetable to address your list and most importantly, be thorough to avoid any possible disagreements.