National Purchasing Partners, the program that has brought HBA members a 22 percent discount on their Verizon Wireless plan, has been updated and renewed for another year.

For members with corporate accounts receiving the 22 percent discount, nothing has changed.  However, for their employees receiving 18 percent on their personal plans, they must enroll in paperless billing to continue to receive the 18 percent discount.  After June 7, any employees still receiving paper bills will have their discount reduced to 15 percent.

Click here to read instructions on how to enroll in paperless billing.

Below is the current rate structure for corporate plans under the NPP/Verizon Wireless discount program for HBA members:

  • 22% off corporate lines.
  • Data for 3G/4G devices is now $20 for 3GB. Data for 4G smartphones is now $30 for 5GB with Mobile Hotspot. The previous unlimited data feature will be grandfathered onto the account until a price plan change or device upgrade occurs.
  • Machine to Machine plans added to portfolio
  • New Text Options:
    • $250 text messages package at no charge
    • $5 for 500 texts
    • $10 for Unlimited
    • Does not include picture or video (.25 perpicture/video message additional)