We recently finished a short series of highlights of the more than 100 initiatives by your HBA that have saved HBA members during the last year.  But there are many others which have saved home builders about $7,250 per housing start in 2012, including both single-family and multifamily.

In the coming days we will highlight more of our initiatives.  Below is one of them.

Sensible Fall Protection Regulations from OSHA. NAHB is committed to training and educating its members on how to reduce fall-related injuries and to comply with OSHA regulations. NAHB has been working closely with OSHA on its fall protection regulations for the construction industry. These rules affect all segments of the industry, including single-family home builders, multifamily builders and remodelers. It is important that OSHA rules provide for safety and compliance without being excessively burdensome. NAHB is urging OSHA to review its fall protection standard to make it more effective, less burdensome, and more easily understood, implemented and enforced. The standard should also recognize that alternative fall protection methods should be a viable option in certain situations.