Builder Review continues its highlight of the more than 100 initiatives by your HBA that have saved HBA members during the last year.  Below is another way your HBA is saving our members money.

Homeownership Campaign Reaches More than 25 Million Americans. NAHB launched a nationwide Protect Homeownership campaign in 2012 to safeguard the mortgage interest deduction and other pro-housing policies. The successful campaign attracted thousands of policymakers, business owners, community leaders and consumers to learn the facts, sign a petition and attend rallies in political swing states this election year. Overall, NAHB was able to reach more than 25 million Americans through newspapers, radio and television news and social media. Our efforts to elevate housing on the national agenda sent a powerful message to the media and members of Congress: Americans value homeownership, and lawmakers need to support pro-housing policies that will create jobs, help local communities to flourish and make it easier for buyers to purchase homes.