Your HBA and its affiliate, NAHB, has logged significant victories advocating for members in the legal, legislative and regulatory arenas during 2012. It leveraged the association’s power to testify before Congress and shine a light on key issues, got pro-housing bills introduced and passed, challenged regulations that do more harm than good, and leveled the playing field against powerful interests that could put struggling builders, remodelers and their suppliers out of business.

Our advocacy efforts have saved the typical home builder about $7,250 per housing start in 2012, including both single-family and multifamily. Each day for the next several weeks we will an example of our policy victories that led to big savings for builders and remodelers. Note that the dollar values below are based on averages across the industry. These numbers do not necessarily apply in all areas of the country.

NAHB challenge to EPA stormwater regulations saved builders $1,970 on each home built. NAHB actions related to EPA stormwater regulations helped builders with their bottom line. Following regulatory and legal challenges by NAHB, the EPA acknowledged that the government did not have sufficient data to support a numeric limit for stormwater discharges. EPA then withdrew its onerous proposed numeric limit, an action that saved builders $1,970 on each home built in 2012.