The right to vote is not only a privilege, it is a responsibility that each voter should take seriously. Elections are how our country chooses the leaders who will represent our interests in the halls of government.

Your Home Builders Association has formed two Political Action Committees that raise money from our members, screens candidates, and makes contributions to the campaigns of the candidates that our Government Affairs Committee members and Board of Directors have determined will represent the interests of the Home Building, Remodeling, Land Development, and Light Commercial Contracting industries.

Primary Runoff Election day is Tuesday, June 28. The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. If you are registered to vote, please plan to go to the polls. Not registered to vote? Why not?

Even if you did not vote in the Primary, you can still vote in the Runoff. However, if you did vote in the Primary, and you wish to vote in the Runoff, you must vote in the Runoff for the party for which you voted in the Primary. For example, if you voted in the Republican Primary on June 14, you must vote in the Republican Primary Runoff on June 28.

Builder Ballot

S.C. Builders PAC has contributed to the following candidates who will be on the ballot on June 28:

  • S.C. Senate District 2: Senator Larry Martin (R)
  • S.C. Senate District 6: William Timmons (R)
  • S.C. Senate District 12: Lee Bright (R)
  • Greenville County Council District 21: Stacy Kuper (R)
  • Pickens County Council District 5: Jeff Willis (R)

About the PACs

South Carolina Builders PAC is a partnership between the Home Builders Association of South Carolina, Home Builders Association of Greenville, and other local HBAs in South Carolina. Its scope is local, statewide, and legislative races.

BuildPAC is a PAC organized under Federal Election Laws and managed by the National Association of Home Builders. It’s scope is Congressional races. BuildPAC does not take a position on the Presidency.

The Government Affairs Committee surveys and interviews candidates and makes recommendations for supporting candidates to the Home Builders Association of Greenville Board of Directors, which makes the final decision on local and legislative races. The S.C. Builders PAC Trustees determines contributions for statewide races, and the BuildPAC Trustees determines the contributions for Congressional races.

Your HBA presented checks to County Council candidate Stacy Kuper and SC Senate candidate William Timmons on Wednesday, June 22.