Each year, the national Best in American Living Awards (BALA) recognizes dozens of new projects from around the country. The BALA awards also identify emerging design trends that will inspire your next home renovation or new home.


Here are a few of the top design trends you will see this year:


Black window frames. Do you prefer a sleek and distinctive look for your home? Black window frames are the answer. The bold color choice has a modern appeal and frames are available in every price point.


The ceiling as the fifth wall of design. Ceilings will not be ignored this year. Statement ceilings transform rooms into bigger and brighter living spaces. Creative textures, colors, and lighting can bring this seemingly blank canvas to life.


Creative integration of outdoor spaces. Small outdoor spots no longer limit design capabilities. Cozy and appealing outdoor living areas can be integrated into homes in even the narrowest lots. You will see expert design, carefully selected features, and furniture that creates exciting indoor-outdoor spaces.


Delineation of spaces through mixed materials. Designers are shaking things up this year with a variety of textured elements to elevate the style of a home. Homes will have better defined spaces, both outdoor and in, with mixed materials like stone or brick.


Indoor-outdoor connections. Easy physical and visual connections with outdoor spaces is enticing and generates an abundance of nature light and ventilation. The seamless flow of indoor and outdoor space is a trend gaining momentum each year.


Mid-century modern and modern farmhouse. Bringing out a home’s original character is a style that is sweeping the nation. Mid-century modern homes have a warm and inviting living space with large windows and open design concepts. The popular modern farmhouse incorporates natural wood beams, large sinks and barn doors.


Multigenerational living. Overall, this trend is about creating a home to accommodate multiple generations living under one roof. Floor plans and design elements allow for all household members to gather comfortably in living spaces with suites and transition spaces for privacy as well.


Stairs as a focal piece. Known more for utility in a home rather than design, stairs are taking a life of their own. Homes this year will have stairs with fine detailing, unique materials and one-of-a-kind designs. Stairs and railing are available in an array of styles and are suitable for any budget.


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