Builder Review Daily is highlighting the top 12 actions taken on behalf of Home Builders so far in 2012.

Number 7: Particiation in the Building Code Development Hearings

NAHB’s members greatly benefitted from their representation on six of the seven committees that met recently as part of the International Code Council’s 2012 “Group A” code development hearings for the 2015 I-Codes.

The complex code development process and its outcome directly affect every builder member of our organization, and require an extensive amount of expertise, effort and time on the part of our staff and member volunteers. In the latest code hearings covering primarily requirements for commercial and multifamily construction, just over 1,600 code change proposals were submitted. After careful study, NAHB took a position of support or opposition on 359 of those proposals and a “watch” position on more than 100 others. Thanks in large part to our representation on the convening committees and the diligent work done by our committee members, NAHB chalked up an over-80% success rate on the proposals that we supported/opposed. Our successes pertained to a long list of items, from ventilation requirements to guardrails, townhouse classification, egress windows, sealed roof decks, and more. NAHB committee and staff experts will next be determining what comments to submit prior to the ICC’s Final Action Hearings on the Group A code changes this coming fall. Contact: Gary Ehrlich (800-368-5242 x8545).