You’ve seen the stats — online video can be a powerful way to capture consumer attention and keep online visitors engaged. In fact, according to comScore, last month over 85% of the US Internet audience viewed online video. Here are some ideas that you can use to make video work for your business.

  1. Build Trust: Video is a great way to put a face on your company and show potential new homebuyers all the reasons you would be the perfect partner to help make their dreams come true. Use video to showcase your experience and let your executives speak directly to consumers.
  2. Build Confidence: Today’s homebuyers need to know that buying a new home is possible. Video can help spread the message about available financing options, and also provide encouragement from outside sources.
  3. Differentiate: Chances are, your potential homebuyers are considering several builders in the area. What makes you different? Video is the perfect way to show all the reasons that your company stands out.
  4. Display Products: Video is a great way to help potential new home buyers visualize themselves in your homes, living in your communities, using amenities, etc…
  5. Path To Action: Give new homebuyers a visual, step-by-step look at what they can expect from the home buying process.
  6. Special initiative or Campaign: Video can help draw attention to a special campaign or incentive that you are promoting. As you are creating your marketing plans for these initiatives, be sure to consider how video can fit into the mix.
  7. Testimonials: There is nothing more powerful than hearing a testimonial from a satisfied customer. Put these stories front and center in your marketing materials with videos of your satisfied clients.
  8. Webisodes: Get creative with your video ideas. Create episodic web videos about your communities or go viral with comedy!
  9. TV Commercials and TV Shows: Sometimes you need to think big to make an impact. Today’s technology makes high-end video work for TV within your budget.
  10. Sales Materials: Don’t forget about incorporating video into your sales center loops, mailable DVD’s and eflyers. This is a way to cut through the clutter and help your message stand out.