The General Election is today. Please consider fulfilling your civic duty by voting. Not registered to vote? Why not?

Polling Hours: 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.
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As you consider the candidates you will support, make sure you consider housing. Housing plays a critical role in our economy as well as a critical role in the financial success of nearly all of our members. To help you with your decisions, we have prepared this Builder Ballot, which is based on the support given to candidates by the PACs with which your HBA is affiliated.

Builder Ballot

S.C. Builders PAC has contributed to the following candidates:

  • S.C. Governor: Gov. Henry McMaster (R)
  • S.C. Attorney General: Attorney General Alan Wilson (R)
  • S.C. House District 2: Rep. Bill Sandifer (R)
  • S.C. House District 4: Rep. David Hiott (R)
  • S.C. House District 5: Rep. Neal Collins (R)
  • S.C. House District 17: Rep. Mike Burns (R)
  • S.C. House District 19: Rep. Dwight Loftis (R)
  • S.C. House District 22: Rep. Jason Elliott (R)
  • S.C. House District 27: Rep. Garry Smith (R)
  • Spartanburg County Council Chairman: Manning Lynch (R)
  • Greenville County Council District 19: Councilman Willis Meadows (R)
  • Greenville County School Board: Roy Chamblee (nonpartisan)

The National Association of Home Builders has endorsed and Build PAC has supported the following candidates:

  • U.S. House District 3: Congressman Jeff Duncan (R)
  • U.S. House District 4: S.C. Senator William Timmons (R)