Most of our member’s businesses, and that probably includes yours, are struggling during this down economic cycle. They are working harder than ever and some have been forced to think outside the box and develop new markets as old market opportunities disappear. We are all looking for new customers. If it’s any comfort, we know we’re not alone but it should also remind us to think of the other people that are in the same situation. A new contract or the next sale could influence the future of their business too.

Imagine if all 500 of our members agreed that they would buy only from other HBA members. It seems to me that it would create instant prosperity for us all. Whether you need a new deck, a roof, a vehicle, home remodel, car insurance, or a new driveway, it’s all in your Membership Directory. And it would mean more business for you too.

We’ve tossed around the “Do business with members” catch phrase long enough. Today there is every reason to give your business to a member. Take a look at your vendor list and move your business from non-members to members. Look in your Membership Directory before you give your business away. Your business could depend on it.

Stacie Byrd, Membership Specialist