As the summer months fade way, so do the longer days and carefree nights spent outdoors. With the darker, cooler nights ahead, it is important to start preparing your exterior spaces now for entertainment that will transcend the seasons. Our friends at Progress Lighting have some tips to extend your outdoor living experiences while improving your home’s aesthetic. 
           Illuminate your living spaces
Keep frequently used outdoor areas, such as decks or patios, appropriately lit so that your home remains welcoming. Fixtures that further the unique architectural elements of your home like decorative posts and wall lanterns offer beautiful accents along with their efficiency in keeping your exterior comfortable.
·         LED Lights
This type of light is highly energy efficient, meaning that your electricity bill will remain low while the longevity of LED technology keeps your outdoor lights low-maintenance. Improved color temperature options allow these once harsh lights to provide a warm, inviting glow that illuminates outdoor areas with comfort.
·         Brighten your pathways
Landscape lights can improve safety and security while also making your yard appear larger. Position lights on alternate sides of a pathway so that they provide even illumination, and avoid shadows from steps or plants.
·         Accent lighting techniques
Using unique light fixtures to highlight entryways and stationary pieces can create points of interest and focal points that engage visitors.
·         Remember balance and symmetry
In order to best illuminate your outdoors while avoiding an eyesore, remember that lighting should be proportional across the various areas of the property and remain symmetrical. Highlight existing symmetrical components of your home like columns or corresponding bushes with appropriate fixtures to draw the eye evenly.
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Image courtesy of Progress Lighting featuring Coventry path lights