In its Sept. 6 cover story, Time magazine launches an assault on homeownership, claiming that it “may have triggered the financial crisis,” “contributed to the hollowing out of cities,” and “fed America’s overuse of energy and oil.” The Case Against Homeownership appears only in excerpted form on the magazine’s website, but should be hitting subscriber mailboxes this week.

NAHB responded to this inaccurate and misleading story with a blistering letter to the editor from Chairman Bob Jones that defends homeownership as the largest creator of wealth for American families and a critical source of stability for both home owners and the surrounding community. Meanwhile, NAHB continues to aggressively challenge this anti-homeownership message, which has already generated similar stories in other national and local media outlets. We are coordinating with the National Association of Realtors, which also reacted immediately with its own response to the Time story.

In addition, NAHB Public Affairs has developed numerous reports, articles and studies on the benefits of homeownership that are available to all of our members on The Opportunity Knocks brochure also provides excellent arguments to help deliver the message that homeownership is still a great choice for many Americans.

Read excerpts of the report in Time by clicking here.

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