A recent poll by the National Association of Home Builders shows that older Americans are choosing to stay in their current homes as they age, rather than downsize or relocate as they have in the past.

That is a major driver in the continued growth of “aging-in-place” remodeling. This technique involves making home modifications — big or small — to help the homeowner live safely in their home as they age and experience changes in their health or mobility.

The “desire for better or newer amenities” and the “need to repair or replace old components” still lead the list of reasons to remodel. As our nation’s population gets older, and in particular as Baby Boomers get older, aging-in-place remodeling has become more popular.

According to the remodelers who were surveyed, some of the aging-in-place remodeling projects that have increased in popularity the most include:

  • Grab bars in showers and near toilets
  • Elevated toilets
  • Curbless entry showers
  • Widened hallways and doorways
  • Additional lighting


If you are considering updating your current home or want a new home that better meets your needs as you age, consider an Approved Professional Builder for your project.  Approved Professional Builders are screened by the Home Builders Association of Greenville to ensure that they:

  • Maintain appropriate levels of insurance
  • Free of unresolved judgements for at least one year
  • Offer a warranty
  • Use a written contract
  • Have the appropriate licenses


This, of course, is just a starting point for your search for a home builder. You should check references and review a contractor’s previous projects, but why not get a head start by considering builders who are approved by the Home Builders Association of Greenville?


To learn more about the Approved Professional program at the Home Builders Association of Greenville, visit HBAofGreenville.com.