Late last year Greenville County Council started a process of evaluating the county’s needs for improvement of roads in the county. The process began in the context of a potential increase in the sales tax to fund road improvements. Greenville County Council, however, decided to first determine the county’s road needs first, before committing itself to a process that would have led to a question being added to the ballot to raise the sales tax.

Greenville County Council instead formed a Citizens Advisory Committee to research road needs and receive community input. The commission is made up of 20 citizens from around the county. The commission will hold a series of meetings throughout the county to receive public input. Click here to view the schedule of meetings.

The commission also has published a survey so that you can provide you input as well. Please consider participating in the survey. It takes just five minutes to complete. Click here to participate in the Greenville Roads Survey.

Finally, you can click here to see a report on the commission report on by WYFF.

Please make sure your voice, and that of the Home Building Industry, is heard on Greenville County’s roads by participating in this discussion.