Buildtopia’s Erik Cofield offers advice for home builders who want to succeed

Erik Cofield, head of North American sales at Buildtopia, stopped by the Austin Texas offices of Software Advice to share his insight on the home building industry. He highlighted a few things on his visit including the fact that while the market may not be as good as it was a few years ago, there are a number of steps your business can take right now to ensure its success.
To start with, being in the right place is important to any business. Cofield lists South Carolina as one of several states that are faring well. However, Cofield says, “its not just about locations, it’s about how they run their business.”
In his interview, Cofield lists three reasons why home builders are succeeding:
  • They must have a strong foundation. In other words, they must have funding in place, be well positioned on land, and have a good product to sell;
  • They must have a sales machine, and;
  • They must leverage technology.