The Headlines: September 22, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  • Senior loan officer survey as a barometer of the economy (it shows an easing of lending standards). Eye on Housing.
  • NAHB applauds President Trump’s order rescinding overreaching flood standard.  NAHB Now
  • Why Americans are shunning new homes and opting to stay put, renovate instead (average length of home ownership up from 6 years to 15 years).  Chicago Tribune.
  • Home equity used to start seven percent of U.S. businesses.  Eye on Housing.
  • New single-family homes getting smaller (down to 2,388 square feel).  NAHBNow.
  • New silica rules go into effect September 23.  NAHBNow
  • Home sales on the rise in the Upstate (July to August, Greenville is up 7.8 percent, Spartanburg is up 12.3 percent).  GSA Business
  • EPA waives lead pain requirements for certain renovations (emergency renovations after a disaster).  NAHBNow.
  • New generation of young home buyers is tiptoeing into the market.  Los Angeles Times.
  • More floods are coming, but smarter policies can limit costs, damage (op ed by former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley).  Miami Herald.

Did you know?  According to Greenville County administration, 96 subdivisions defaulted on their stormwater permits during the real estate crisis.

September 22, 2017

      The Headlines: September 14, 2017

      Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

      • New FHA multifamily mortgage insurance applications halted in Texas disaster areas (expect delays in processing applications across the country). NAHBNow
      • How local housing regulations smother the U.S. economy (and affordable housing). New York Times.
      • Co-borrowing to afford a home is gaining popularity.  Who’s doing it and why?  MarketWatch.
      • Hurricanes Irma, Harvey boost call for flood insurance (renewal of the program).  Orlando Sentinel.
      • 70 percent of Harvey residential flood damage not covered by insurance.  National Mortgage News.
      • A devastating hurricane season exposes America’s flood insurance problem (Senator Tim Scott is quoted).  Time.
      • Labor shortage could hamper Harvey reconstruction.  Houston Chronicle.
      • The last big piece of unfinished business from the Great Recession (Fannie and Freddie).  The Washington Post.  
      • Top ten sources of softwood lumber imports (in short, Canada laps the field).  Eye on Housing.
      • Baby Boomers who refuse to sell are dominating the housing market (55 percent of owner-occupied housing is owned by people 55 years and older, the highest in history).  Bloomberg.

      Did you know?  25 percent of all flood insurance policies in the U.S. are written in the state of Florida.

      September 14, 2017.

      The Headlines September 8, 2017

      Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

      • US home prices surge in June, led by Seattle.  AP.
      • A temporary Band-Aid on labor shortages.  NAHBNow.
      • Ditching Digital Distractions.  REALTORMag.
      • HUD report shows housing affordability crisis is worsening.  NAHBNow.
      • The housing collapse hit minorities hardest — and the impact is still being felt across America.  Business Insider.
      • Almost 80,000 starts last year were tear-downs (23,800 in the South).  NAHBNow.
      • Diverse millennial population could change housing as we know it.  Housingwire.
      • Four major U.S. cities ring housing bubble alarm.  CNBC.
      • High prices and student loans put housing out of reach, readers say.  Los Angles Times.
      • Builders report labor shortages on the rise.  NAHBNow.
      September 8, 2017.

      The Headlines August 25, 2017

      Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

      1. High-end development, down on the farm (agrihoods).  NAHBNow.
      2. Could a framing lumber shortage be underway?  ConstructionDIVE.
      3. More space, better resale value: what to know about finishing your basement.  The Washington Post.
      4. DHS to add 15,000 additional H-2B guest worker visas.  NAHBNow.
      5. EPA formally withdraws national post-construction rule.  NAHBNow.
      6. Soaring lumber prices a problem for home builders, buyers.  CNNMoney.
      7. The perk companies should be offering employees: help with housing.  CNBC.
      8. South State Bank commits $100 million to low-income, minority borrowers.  Housingwire.
      9. Greer CPW to expand infrastructure near GSP.  GSA Business Report.
      10.  South Carolina builders meet with EPA leaders.  NAHBNow.
      August 25, 2017.

      The Headlines: August 3, 2017

      Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

      • Greer CPW to expand infrastructure near GSP. GSA Business.
      • Housing demand in the Southeast finds a “new normal.” NAHBNow.
      • CFPB publishes final “Know Before You Owe” rule. NAHBNow.
      • Where are older Millennials going when they leave downtown? Housingwire.
      • How the Reedy’s water quality is hindering recreation for county residents. Greenville Journal.
      • Why isn’t the housing market booming the experts expected? NPR.
      • A surprising way to increase property values: build affordable housing. The Washington Post.
      • Two major lending changes mean it’s suddenly easier to get a mortgage. CNBC.
      • Appraisers may be holding back the housing market, and that might be ok. Forbes.
      • Why Washington can’t fix the new housing crisis. Politico.

      August 3, 2017.