The South Carolina Home Builders Self Insurers Fund was named the National Association of Home Builders Associate Member Safety Program of the Year. The award will be presented on February 7 at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida. 

Your Home Builders Association of Greenville endorses the SIF and recommends it to our members as a source for your Worker’s Compensation Insurance needs.
The Safety Award For Excellence (SAFE) recognizes NAHB member companies, workers, and other individuals for the excellent safety programs that make them leaders in the residential construction industry. The NAHB annually recognizes those who have worked to achieve exemplary safety and health in residential construction. There were more than 40 applicants for SAFE awards in 2011.

The SCHBSIF assists its members in providing safe work places by conducting safety training that is specific to the home building industry. It also provides on-site safety surveys for its more than eight hundred members. These surveys assist home builders and subcontractors in identifying hazards and provide them with recommendations for corrective actions that reduce the potential for injuries in the workplace.

SCHBSIF Can Now Write for Non-Residential Accounts!

SCHBSIF Can Now Write for Non-Residential Accounts!

The South Carolina Home Builders Self Insurers Fund (SCHBSIF) announced this week that it has begun writing Workers’ Compensation policies for non-residential accounts.

SCHBSIF is an exclusive member benefit of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina. Members of the HBA of Greenville are eligible to purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance from SCHBSIF. The SIF was organized in 1995 and its mission is to provide stable, affordable Workers’ Compensation Insurance to members of the Home Builders Association.

Policies now being written include commercial general contractors and subcontractors who are engaged in new construction, upfitting, or renovations of non-residential projects. SCHBSIF is now able to provide coverage to entities whose exposures are 100% commercial and who perform on-site work at heights of 3 stories or less. Risks that fall outside this scope may be considered on an individual basis.

SCHBSIF also will consider businesses that provide services such as electrical or mechanical maintenance to industrial concerns like manufacturing facilities and governmental entities.

Membership in the Home Builders Association of South Carolina continues to be a requirement for participation in the SCHBSIF.

For questions regarding these new opportunities please contact Brandy Shealy, SCHBSIF Underwriting Manager, at or 800-678-8178.

In addition, SCHBSIF has announced that it will be converting to a mutual insurance company in 2011. “Our target for conversion to mutual is July 1, 2011,” said Andrew Woodham, SCHBSIF Marketing Director. “Conversion to mutual will create further opportunities for insurance products for HBA members.”

For a list of insurance professionals who will help you purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance from SCHBSIF, click here.