Remodel or Relocate? Questions to Help You Find Your Answer

You really want a new kitchen and a living room that has not become the playroom. You seem to have too many people and not enough bathrooms, and ultimately, you will need a safer and more accessible home as you age. You are ready to make a change, but you need to decide: remodel or relocate?

There is no one right answer for every situation. Before you look at houses for sale, or draw up plans to remodel or add on, think about the approach that best meets your wants and that can help you determine what is the best plan of action.

Answering these questions can help you decide:

Do you like your neighborhood? Do your friends and your children’s’ friends live there? Is your favorite park or coffee shop nearby? Are the schools the right fit for your family? Or do you wish you lived closer to work, with a park nearby, as well as a neighborhood restaurant and pub?

How does your home compare in value to others in the neighborhood? Will your remodel make your home the most expensive on the street? Is a house that fits your needs more important than resale if you are planning on living there a long time?

How long do you expect a new space to meet your needs? If your children are making your house feel small, consider their age. How much longer do you expect them to live at home? Do you need more square footage now? Or can you wait a couple of years before downsizing?

What is your tolerance for living in a construction zone? Based on your list of needs, how long and disruptive will the remodeling process be? Temporary housing is expensive, but so is moving to a new home. There are costs for closing, fixing up your current house to sell, moving and even making your new home your own.

What’s the market like for the home you want? How likely are you to find a place you can afford, with the features you want and in the neighborhood you prefer?

Weigh these factors and decide whether you want to remodel or relocate.

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Consider Hidden, Safety and Time Costs Before Beginning a DIY Home Project

Consider Hidden, Safety and Time Costs Before Beginning a DIY Home Project

With the holidays right around the corner, it is safe to say that the majority of families across the Upstate are in the process of planning celebrations for their guests, as well as many homeowners planning last-minute DIY home projects.

According to HUD and the U.S. Census Bureau, these homeowner do-it-yourself (DIY) projects account for nearly 40 percent of all home remodeling projects. While they may look manageable at first, many homeowners fail to consider the “real” cost of their project.

Remodeling can be complex and full of surprises, even for experts like an Approved Professional Remodeler. It is therefore important to take into account the hidden costs, safety risks and time delays before attempting a DIY home improvement project. Before beginning, please consider the following:

Hidden Costs
Although many products purchased for the DIY market are designated by a name brand, they are not always the same quality available to contractors. It is also important to verify the terms of the product warranty since many warranties are voided by improper installation.

Without the proper training and preparation, a DIYer can, and has, landed in the emergency room. Unfamiliarity with new tools and techniques can lead to life-threatening accidents. A good rule of thumb for any homeowner is to avoid projects that require a license or require you to change the structure of walls, roofs and floors. 

Troubleshooting unexpected issues often takes more time and expertise than originally planned. Hiring a professional will ensure that you have a contract with a completion date and that the Approved Professional Remodeler will bring the necessary help to finish the job on time.

DIY projects should be rewarding and fun, but if your project can’t be completed in the planned price range or your safety is at risk, leave the work in the hands of the professionals.