New Greenville County Summary Plat Procedure

With the participation and input of your Home Builders Association of Greenville Legislative Committee, Greenville County has revised its Summary Plat Procedure effective November 12.

  • Subdivision plats creating only one new lot will be exempt from the summary plat review process, provided that the purpose of the new lot is not for immediate development.
  • All other subdivisions will continue to be submitted and reviewed as either a summary plat or preliminary plat subdivision.

Exemptions to the summary plat procedure include:

  • The combination or recombination of portions of previously platted lots where the total number of lots is not increased and the resultant lots are equal to the standards of the Land Development Regulations and/or Zoning Ordinance
  • The division of land into parcels of five acres or more where no new street is involved.

Plats under these exceptions must be submitted to the Planning Department and will be stamped as being received as information under the exemption.