Girder Span Review is Creating Confusion in South Carolina

The load-carry capacity of Southern Yellow Pine has come into question in recent weeks, and a regulatory body is currently reviewing a proposal to reduce the spanning capacity of Southern Yellow Pine by up to 39 percent.

Late last week the Chairman of the South Carolina Building Codes Council, Greg Parsons, PE, sent out an email that prematurely states that the spanning capacity of Southern Yellow Pine has already been reduced.

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau is currently reviewing is 1991-published design values for Southern Yellow Pine and is expected to issue a ruling on January 5, 2012, as to the load carrying capacity of Southern Yellow Pine.  However, no change in the rule will be valid in South Carolina until the South Carolina Building Code Council takes action.

Currently in South Carolina, the span tables that are approved and in force include those in the 2006 International Residential Code and as an alternative, an “Altnernative to IRC Table R503.5 (1).”  Scroll to Page 14 for the table.