The Headlines: August 3, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  • Greer CPW to expand infrastructure near GSP. GSA Business.
  • Housing demand in the Southeast finds a “new normal.” NAHBNow.
  • CFPB publishes final “Know Before You Owe” rule. NAHBNow.
  • Where are older Millennials going when they leave downtown? Housingwire.
  • How the Reedy’s water quality is hindering recreation for county residents. Greenville Journal.
  • Why isn’t the housing market booming the experts expected? NPR.
  • A surprising way to increase property values: build affordable housing. The Washington Post.
  • Two major lending changes mean it’s suddenly easier to get a mortgage. CNBC.
  • Appraisers may be holding back the housing market, and that might be ok. Forbes.
  • Why Washington can’t fix the new housing crisis. Politico.

August 3, 2017.

    NPR’s Planet Money: 2 million construction jobs lost in recession; only 1 million coming back

    NPR’s Planet Money, with the assistance of Economist Heidi Shierholz of the Economic Policy Institute, recently looked at the construction jobs lost over the last 4 years and estimated the number that will likely come back when the economy improves.  Their finds are striking: 2 million jobs were lost, or a quarter of all construction jobs, and only half will come back.  What is even more striking is that while construction makes up just 5.6 percent of total jobs in America, they make up more than 30 percent of the jobs lost.

    Read the entire report at’s Planet Money blog by clicking here.

    FOX News: Greenville SC in the national spotlight again

    Fox News profiled down town Greenville in a 90-second segment this morning, the second time Greenville has been featured in the national press in the last two weeks.

    According to the Greenville News, FOX News producers became interested in Greenville when they were here in May for the Republican Presidential Debate at the Peace Center in Downtown Greenville.

    NPR: A park helps Greenville weather the recession

    National Public Radio this week broadcast a nearly five-minute feature on how Greenville’s Falls Park in the heart of downtown helped the city weather the recent recession.

    The story profiled Mayor Knox White and his leadership in spearheading the park. It also profiled the subsequent economic development and community pride that has resulted from $13 million spent on the downtown part beginning in 2004.