The Headlines: July 21, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  • Jimmy Carter: Trump is right. Canada’s lumber trade practices are unfair. The Washington Post.
  • Builders, how do you define substantial completion for your subcontractors? Professional Warranty Service Corporation blog.
  • Deitz: slow but steady growth for housing. NAHBNow.
  • Home builders can’t find enough workers. CNN Money. (quoted: NAHB CEO Jerry Howard)
  • Real estate’s new normal: homeowners staying put. New York Times. (good news for remodelers?)
  • How tales of “flippers” led to a housing bubble. New York Times.
  • Former Chief Just offers stark reminder of South Carolina Construction Law. Midlandsbiz.
  • Worker-friendly rules scrapped by Labor Dept. USA Today.
  • Who’s powering the housing market? Surprise! It’s Millennials. NBC News.
  • Home building slowed as cities try to tame growth. USA Today.

July 21, 2017