Audit finds that 27 percent of calls to LLR go unaswered

According to a report by the Legislative Audit Council, the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (LLR) failed to answer 27 percent of the calls it received.

LLR is the umbrella agency under which the S.C. Residential Builders Commission and the S.C. Contractors Licensing Board are managed. Both boards regulate home builders, general contractors, home inspectors, and other trades professionals who work on construction sites. In addition, LLR manages the S.C. Real Estate Licensing Board.
The audit also found that agency staff “spent an average of 36 percent of their time on calls or after call work when 70 percent is a reasonable expectation.” The audit also found that 60 percent of complaints referred to LLR’s Office of Investigations and Enforcement received “no action,” while another 30 percent had “minimal actions such as fines and reprimands.”