We had a Wonderful Time with the Past Presidents

We had a Wonderful Time with the Past Presidents

Immediate Past President
Mike Freeman welcomes
Susan to the club.

Every year we take time to celebrate our past presidents for all of their hard work and dedication to improving the building industry. This year, we gathered on Tuesday for a luncheon at Larkin’s on the River where we celebrated with good food, old friends, and plenty of laughter. We thanked current HBA President Susan Peace-Vernon for the commitment and grace she showed during her year of presidency. In order to welcome incoming president Joe Hoover, all the past presidents stood and shared a piece of advice from their own experience to help Joe–many simply wished him luck for the long year ahead.

This is always a wonderful event where we hear about lesser-known pieces of HBA history and marvel at how much the association has grown. The holiday season is the perfect time to come together for food and friends, and that is certainly what happened. Thank you to all who attended and to all who have served your HBA as president.

Current President Susan Peace-Vernon stands with
 incoming president Joe Hoover.

Thank you to all of our past presidents (not all are pictured).

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Past President’s Luncheon, sponsored by J-Freeman & Associates

Past President’s Luncheon, sponsored by J-Freeman & Associates

On December 3rd your Home Builders Association will have our annual Past Presidents Luncheon at Larkins’ on the River, sponsored by J-Freeman & Associates. There will be lots of stories and plenty of advice for the incoming 2015 HBA President. The group will also welcome current president Mike Freeman of ACA/ Freewood Contracting to their distinguished club.

Thank you for your service and dedication to our association and the industry!

Past Presidents who have served the HBA of Greenville:
1960 and 1961 Donald Baltz
1962 Edgar Teasley
1963 John Taylor, Jr.
1964 M. Graham Proffitt
1965 Marion Uldrick
1966 Eugene Rackley
1967 Lloyd W. Gilstrap
1968 Edward H. Hembree
1969 W. N. Leslie
1970 Larry Gibson
1971 Levis Gilstrap
1972 John Cothran
1973 Harold Newton
1974 Ray Dempsey
1975 J. W. Roberts
1976 James Vaughn
1977 W. Glenn Hawkins
1978 David Balentine
1979 A. James Nelson
1980 A.J. Prince
1981 Ralph Hendricks
1982 David Douglas
1983 Wm. H. McCauley
1984 Bobby Sexton
1985 Don Franklin
1986 Dee Smith
1987 Jerry Marsh
1988 James Leary
1989 Ed Burgess
1990 Joe W. Jelks, III
1991 Don Rex
1992 Dennis Waldrop
1993 Lynn Yeargin
1994 Rodney Edwards
1995 Doug Ashmore
1996 William (Billy) Dunn
1997 Tim Justice
1998 and 1999 Gale Crawford
2000 Wayne Moore
2001 Richard Merritt
2002 Jim Gregorie
2003 Keith Smith
2004 Hal Dillard
2005 Clyde Rector
2006 Coleman Shouse
2007 Dan Rawls
2008 Todd Usher
2009 Bruce Pasquarella
2010 Thomas Dillard
2011 Wayne Moore
2012 Robert Markel
2013 Rick Quinn
2014 Mike Freeman 

Please rsvp for this event by Wednesday, November 26th.

* This event is only open to Past Presidents of the HBA of Greenville. *