Three HBA member companies receive Pinnacle Awards, Statom honored

Three HBA member companies receive Pinnacle Awards, Statom honored

HBA of Greenville honorees at the Pinnacle Awards

Three member companies of your Home Builders Association received Pinnacle Awards at the South Carolina annual conference in Hilton Head earlier this month.

Pinnacle Award Honorees:

  • Stoneledge Properties, Best Overall Green Construction
  • Gabriel Builders, Best New Home Construction, more than $5 million
  • John DuBonn Builders, Best Remodeling Project, more than $150,000

Statom honored as Associate Member of the Year
Jon Statom of Palmetto Exterminators was honored as the South Carolina Associate Member of the Year.  Read the full report on Statom by clicking here.

About the Pinnacle Awards
The Pinnacle Awards were created to honor those in the home building industry who have achieved the highest standard of quality craftsmanship, innovative problem solving and customer satisfaction. This competition is a privilege of membership, as well as a means of challenging our members to greater levels of achievement.

Check out the Bridge Awards
HBA members will now have an opportunity to compete at the local level with the Southern Home and Garden Bridge Awards presented by GBS Building Supply.  Click here for more information on entering the Bridge Awards.

Jon Statom named HBASC Associate Member of the Year

Jon Statom named HBASC Associate Member of the Year

Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) Announces Thomas N. Bagnal Builder and Associate of Year Awards

Jon Statom

On Saturday, November 9 at the annual Celebration of Excellence the Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) will award Berkley White, President of Classic Homes in Myrtle Beach, and Jon Statom of Palmetto Exterminators, Inc., in Greenville, the Thomas N. Bagnal Builder member of the Year and HBASC Associate of the Year awards, two of the most prestigious HBASC awards. Both awards are given to individuals who demonstrate tireless service to their community, Home Builders Association (HBA) and to the home building industry.

Jon Statom has been an ardent supporter of the Home Building industry and a member of the HBA of Greenville for more than 10 years. He serves on the Board of the HBA of Greenville and is Chairman of the Community Service Committee. Jon has been active in local Habitat for Humanity renovations and is a fervent supporter of the Home Building industry and the HBA.

According to Michael Dey, Executive Vice President of the HBA of Greenville, “Jon Statom’s tenet, which he practices every day, is to work toward the benefit of our community, industry and association. Jon has quietly, but consistently served our association for more than a decade, and has become a valuable member of our association’s leadership team.”  Statom was named HBA of Greenville Associate Member of the Year in 2012.

Berkley White will be honored for his tireless dedication to the home building industry and the HBA. Berkley has been a member of the Horry-Georgetown HBA since 1997 and is a co-founder of Classic Homes with his mother Susan, and is joined by his wife Kim. A Certified Master Builder, Berkley has served as President of the Horry-Georgetown HBA and on the Board of HBASC. Classic Homes has been chosen as the area’s exclusive member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program.

According to many of his peers, Berkley is a highly regarded Home Builder and member of his community. Rose Anne O’Reilly, Executive Director of the Horry-Georgetown HBA, calls him “an asset to the entire industry and his community. Berkley exemplifies the title ‘Thomas N. Bagnal Builder Member of the Year’ for his efforts as a builder, member of our association, community volunteer and friend.”

The HBASC commends both men on their commitment to the home building industry and to their community.

The Thomas N. Bagnal Builder member of the Year and HBASC Associate of the Year awards will be presented at the Celebration of Excellence on Saturday, November 9, at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa. Tickets for this event are on sale now at the Home Builders Association of South Carolina. For more information, call 803-771-7408 or visit

EPA set to impose new rules for termite pretreatments

By Jon Statom, Palmetto Exterminators

Did you know that the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing new use direction changes for pyrethroid-class insecticides, the chemical commonly used in termite treatment applications in homes? These proposed guidelines have been commonly followed by the industry, but now the EPA is planning to require that they be followed.

Below are the new EPA regulations that will be imposed when a pyrethroid-class insecticide is used in a new construction pretreatment:

  • The treatment site must be covered prior to a rain event in order to prevent run-off of the pesticide into non-target areas. 
  • The applicator must either cover the soil him/herself or provide written notification of the above requirement to the contractor on site and to the person commissioning the application (if different than the contractor). If notice is provided to the contractor or the person commissioning the application, then they are responsible under FIFRA (the law that governs pesticide use) to insure that: 
  1. if the concrete slab cannot be poured over the treated soil within 24 hours of application 
  2. the treated soil must be covered with a waterproof covering (such as polyethylene sheeting) 
  3. the treated soil must be covered if precipitation is predicted to occur before the concrete slab is scheduled to be poured. 
  • Do not treat soil that is water-saturated or frozen. 
  • Do not treat when rain is falling. 
  • Do not allow treatment to run off from the target area. 
  • Do not apply within 10 feet of storm drains. 
  • Do not apply within 25 feet of aquatic habitats (such as, but not limited to, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, marshes or ponds, estuaries, and commercial fish farm ponds). 
  • Do not make on-grade applications when sustained wind speeds are above 10 mph (at application site) at nozzle end height. 

Home Builders, if you currently use the soil treatment method for termite control, your pest control operator should be advising you of these rule changes.