The Headlines September 8, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  • US home prices surge in June, led by Seattle.  AP.
  • A temporary Band-Aid on labor shortages.  NAHBNow.
  • Ditching Digital Distractions.  REALTORMag.
  • HUD report shows housing affordability crisis is worsening.  NAHBNow.
  • The housing collapse hit minorities hardest — and the impact is still being felt across America.  Business Insider.
  • Almost 80,000 starts last year were tear-downs (23,800 in the South).  NAHBNow.
  • Diverse millennial population could change housing as we know it.  Housingwire.
  • Four major U.S. cities ring housing bubble alarm.  CNBC.
  • High prices and student loans put housing out of reach, readers say.  Los Angles Times.
  • Builders report labor shortages on the rise.  NAHBNow.
September 8, 2017.

The Headlines August 25, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  1. High-end development, down on the farm (agrihoods).  NAHBNow.
  2. Could a framing lumber shortage be underway?  ConstructionDIVE.
  3. More space, better resale value: what to know about finishing your basement.  The Washington Post.
  4. DHS to add 15,000 additional H-2B guest worker visas.  NAHBNow.
  5. EPA formally withdraws national post-construction rule.  NAHBNow.
  6. Soaring lumber prices a problem for home builders, buyers.  CNNMoney.
  7. The perk companies should be offering employees: help with housing.  CNBC.
  8. South State Bank commits $100 million to low-income, minority borrowers.  Housingwire.
  9. Greer CPW to expand infrastructure near GSP.  GSA Business Report.
  10.  South Carolina builders meet with EPA leaders.  NAHBNow.
August 25, 2017.

The Headlines: August 3, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  • Greer CPW to expand infrastructure near GSP. GSA Business.
  • Housing demand in the Southeast finds a “new normal.” NAHBNow.
  • CFPB publishes final “Know Before You Owe” rule. NAHBNow.
  • Where are older Millennials going when they leave downtown? Housingwire.
  • How the Reedy’s water quality is hindering recreation for county residents. Greenville Journal.
  • Why isn’t the housing market booming the experts expected? NPR.
  • A surprising way to increase property values: build affordable housing. The Washington Post.
  • Two major lending changes mean it’s suddenly easier to get a mortgage. CNBC.
  • Appraisers may be holding back the housing market, and that might be ok. Forbes.
  • Why Washington can’t fix the new housing crisis. Politico.

August 3, 2017.