Did you know Greenville Home Builders are making a huge impact in Zambia, Africa?

Did you know Greenville Home Builders are making a huge impact in Zambia, Africa?

Did you know that two HBA of Greenville members, along with Home Builders from around the country, are making a huge impact in Zambia, Africa? Donations from Homes for Hope are helping HOPE International come alongside the church in Zambia to form Savings and Credit Associations (SCA).

SCA’s provide a way for people to gain access to credit for emergencies or even starting a business. “If you are living on less than a few dollars a day, it is impossible to save money because you need everything you earn, and then some,” Jack Nulty, Executive Director of Homes for Hope, said. “However, in 2016 with the formation of SCA’s powered by HOPE International, the impossible has been made possible and has helped more than 1,000 families loosen the grip of poverty,” Nulty said.

Homes for Hope, an HBA member since 2012, raises money for HOPE International by working with Home Builders and HBAs to build new homes, the proceeds from which are transmitted to HOPE International for their charitable and micro-lending activities in a dozen countries around the world.

Homes for Hope Executive Director Jack Nulty credits Rosewood Communities, Rosewood President Mark Nyblom, and Rosewood’s trade and supply partners, for answering the call for help by building several homes in the Greenville area that have benefited Homes for Hope.

You can help HOPE International fight poverty by doing what you do best, build homes. Consider taking the proceeds from one of the homes you build this year and help 1,000 families or more by providing financial services to people who really need help!  Visit homes4hope.org for more information.

Rosewood Communities breaks ground on a house to benefit Homes For Hope

Rosewood Communities breaks ground on a house to benefit Homes For Hope

Craig Perfect, Allcon of Greenville

Rosewood Communities broke ground this week on a new house that will benefit Homes For Hope, a charity that raises money for Hope International.

The home will be built at Waterstone Cottages on Blacks Drive and is the third home built by Rosewood Communities for Homes For Hope.

Rosewood Communities teams up with its suppliers and subcontractors to build the home.  The partners in the home donate or deeply discount goods and services, maximizing the proceeds form the sale of the home.  When the home is sold the profits are donated to Homes For Hope.  Hope International uses the money to make micro loans to small businesses in third-world countries like Haiti.  To date, Rosewood’s contributions to Homes for Hope have helped more than 9,000 people.

Member companies contributing to Rosewood’s Homes for Hope project include Allcon of Greenville, which with its suppliers donates the roof of the home, Carter Lumber, which donates the door and window packages, and Greer State Bank, which finances the project.

Homes for Hope, based in Frisco, Texas, also is an HBA member.  To learn more about Homes for Hope, click here.

Homes for Hope and Rosewood Communities partner to benefit mission

Homes for Hope and Rosewood Communities have partnered to construct a new home in The Woodstone Cottages off Roper Mountain Road Extension. The proceeds of the sale of the new home, expected to be about $50,000, will benefit a mission program operated by Homes For Hope.

A kick off event is set for Thursday, February 3, 11:30 a.m., at 205 Wind Thistle, in the Woodstone Cottages subdivision.

Homes For Hope, based in Irvine California, operates a mission program that provides small business loans (microloans) for aspiring entrepreneurs in 14 of the poorest countries in the developing world, such as Haiti, Afghanistan, Romania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To date, Homes for Hope has generated more than $10 million in partnerships with builders and their trades across the United States, resulting in assistance to more than 100,000 struggling entrepreneurs, empowering them to work their families out of poverty for good.

Because 98 percent of all these loans are paid back with interest, the money is then recycled into new loans to give a “hand up” to people who simply want the opportunity to build lives of hope and promise for their families and communities.