Value of Membership: Homeownership Campaign Reached 25 million Americans

Builder Review continues its highlight of the more than 100 initiatives by your HBA that have saved HBA members during the last year.  Below is another way your HBA is saving our members money.

Homeownership Campaign Reaches More than 25 Million Americans. NAHB launched a nationwide Protect Homeownership campaign in 2012 to safeguard the mortgage interest deduction and other pro-housing policies. The successful campaign attracted thousands of policymakers, business owners, community leaders and consumers to learn the facts, sign a petition and attend rallies in political swing states this election year. Overall, NAHB was able to reach more than 25 million Americans through newspapers, radio and television news and social media. Our efforts to elevate housing on the national agenda sent a powerful message to the media and members of Congress: Americans value homeownership, and lawmakers need to support pro-housing policies that will create jobs, help local communities to flourish and make it easier for buyers to purchase homes.

NAHB: Top 12 Accomplishments Summer 2012, Number 4: Elevating Housing Profile

Builder Review Daily is highlighting the top 12 actions taken on behalf of Home Builders so far this Spring.

Accomplishment number 4: Elevating Housing Issues in the Current Election Cycle Through Homeownership Rallies, a Nationwide Petition and Media Outreach

Highlighting the importance of homeownership to the voting public and putting housing issues in the spotlight for the November elections, NAHB has now held four successful Homeownership Rallies and has five more such events scheduled in key swing states across the country in coming weeks. These efforts, along with more positive data on the housing front, have contributed to a general improvement in the way that the media has been reporting on housing and the recognition that housing is emerging as a leading factor in the economic recovery.

NAHB has now held four successful Homeownership Rallies since the beginning of this year, the latest of which was in Detroit on July 20. Each of these events has drawn hundreds of participants and very good media coverage in their respective local markets. As part of these efforts, NAHB has also developed the website, which details the threats that housing faces in the current policy debate and the need to protect homeownership incentives within our national housing policy. The site also allows visitors to sign our petition in support of homeownership. Additional homeownership rallies have now been scheduled for Kansas City, Mo., on Sept. 25; Milwaukee, Wis. on Oct. 2; Columbus, Ohio, on Oct. 9; Richmond, Va., on Oct. 11; and Las Vegas on Oct. 18.

Meanwhile, there’s been a notable increase in the number of positive media reports on housing over the past two months, and NAHB has done its part to keep the positive momentum going by reaching out to the press at every opportunity with our perspectives on the latest data. One key message on which we’ve focused is the fact that residential construction is now starting to reassume its traditional role of helping to lead the economy forward following a recession. We’ve also compiled some of the latest positive news reports on housing at and encouraged our members to use these resources to make the case to their customers that housing is on the rebound, home prices are stabilizing and now is a great time to buy a new home. 

NAHB Board video features South Carolina’s Rally for Homeownership

Last month more than 900 housing professionals visited the South Carolina State House to rally to support homeownership in South Carolina.  Featured speakers included Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich, Congressman Jim Clyburn, State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, Columbia Mayor Pro Tem Leona Plaugh, NAHB Chairman Elect Barry Rutenberg, and HBASC President David Gully.

The video features statements from S.C. Governor Nikki Haley and Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin.

Watch the NAHB Board video featuring the S.C. Rally for Homeownership by clicking here.

Housing takes the national stage at rally in Columbia today

Housing takes the national stage at rally in Columbia today

Newt Gingrich speaking at housing rally on State House steps

Housing took the national stage at the Homeownership Works Rally on the steps of the State House in Columbia today.  Featured speakers included former U.S. Speaker of the House and Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and U.S. Representative Jim Clyburn (D-SC) and former Congressman J.C. Watts (R-OK).

Speaker Gingrich “stole the show” by committing to protect the mortgage interest deduction and repeal Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, and “Obamacare.”  He also pledged to make tax exempt investments made by home builders and other businesses in equipment for their businesses.  Gingrich, Clyburn, and Watts all signed NAHB’s housing petition. You can read and sign the housing petition at by clicking here.

Newt Gingrich signing the housing pledge.

Newt Gingrich greets a future Home Builder and voter.
Newt Gingrich leaves the rally with the national press in tow.

Update: NAHB’s press release on the rally.

With the South Carolina GOP presidential primary just around the corner, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and its local affiliates joined with politicians, consumer advocates, the Urban League, the NAACP, Realtors, the local Chamber of Commerce and others to elevate housing issues in the current election cycle held a special Rally for Homeownership today at the statehouse in Columbia, S.C.

Headliners at the event included former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), which demonstrates that support for homeownership extends across the political spectrum and is a true American ideal.

“At a time when homeownership is under attack, the rally will help draw public and media attention to the need to maintain homeownership as a national priority through federal policies that keep the mortgage interest deduction intact, ensure that affordable home mortgages and low downpayment options remain readily available, open the flow of credit to home buyers and small businesses and resolve the ongoing foreclosure crisis,” said NAHB Chairman-elect Barry Rutenberg, a home builder from Gainesville, Fla., who will also address rally participants.

South Carolina voters strongly support homeownership and oppose any efforts to undermine the mortgage interest deduction and to make it more difficult for qualified borrowers to obtain affordable home loans, according to a new statewide poll conducted on behalf of NAHB by Public Opinion Strategies of Alexandria, Va., and Lake Research Partners of Washington, D.C.

“In South Carolina, the Mortgage Interest Deduction and the ability to have access to affordable home loans are major drivers of our economy,” said Loftis. “As state treasurer, I am committed to ensuring that our tax code continues to support homeownership.”

“Homeownership provides the foundation for peace of mind, financial security and jobs in our community,” added Rep. Clyburn. “We cannot let the American Dream die.”

Concerned citizens who believe that homeownership must remain an important national policy are encouraged to turn out and take part in a petition drive that asks them to signify their support for keeping the mortgage interest deduction intact, increasing access to credit and mitigating the flow of foreclosures.

“Homeownership builds strong communities and home building creates jobs and provides a tax base that supports our local schools, police and firefighters,” said David Gully, president of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina. “We are here today to send a loud and clear message on the importance that South Carolina voters place on homeownership and to call on federal policymakers to refrain from taking steps that would weaken or eliminate our nation’s long-standing commitment to homeownership.”

The Rally for Homeownership in Columbia was sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders, the Home Builders Association of South Carolina and the Greater Columbia Home Builders Association; and co-sponsored by Central Carolina Realtors Association, Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce, Manufactured Housing Institute of South Carolina, Mortgage Lenders Association of Greater Columbia, Municipal Association of South Carolina, Small Business Chamber of Columbia, South Carolina Realtors and the South Carolina State Housing Finance & Development Authority.