S.C. House introduces Business License Reform Legislation

Representative Rick Quinn (R), of Richland County, along with Reps. Merrill, Rivers, and Atwater, and 20 other co-sponsors, introduced H.3490 earlier this week. This bill is a top legislative priority for your Home Builders Association.  The purpose of the bill is to lower the paperwork and tax burden that local government places on businesses.

As introduced, this legislation would create a centralized collection system under the SC Department of Revenue, and bring South Carolina into the 21st century by allowing online payment of these fees. Additionally, the bill would change the payment structure from its current form. Businesses would be required to pay the business license fee only in the jurisdiction where the company’s state income tax return is address, and the fee is capped at $100 per business. This would be a huge relief to businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions while also improving the ease of compliance.

Your Home Builders Association is currently working with the National Federation of Independent Business as well as other groups to push for this legislation. Our group is working on a study to demonstrate just how cumbersome and onerous this problem is for our members. It is our hope that this information will illustrate to the General Assembly the significance of this problem and the need for reform.

This is where you come in. If you have experienced difficulties with business license fees in your area, please feel free to send them to Matt Niehaus a mniehaus@hbaofsc.com. If you have any questions about this, or any other issue, please feel free to contact Matt.  You also can call him at 803-771-7408.

Read the media coverage of the legislation by clicking here.

Join SC Builders PAC

Your campaign dollars make a difference for home building in South Carolina. It’s never too late to make a difference.

What HBA of South Carolina advocacy does for you:

  • STOPPED the passage of the Fire Sprinkler bill, which would have mandated the installation of fire sprinklers in all new homes built beginning in 2011.
    POTENTIAL SAVINGS: More than $100 million annually.
  • PASSED the Permit Extension bill, which prevents the wholesale abandonment of already-approved projects by extending the term of the permits for a set period of time as the economy improves.
    POTENTIAL SAVINGS: $15 million
  • PASSED a bill that reversed the S.C. Supreme Court’s ruling on Crossman v. Harleysville Mutual and protects builders from faulty construction claims and provides stability with insurance coverage.
    POTENTIAL SAVINGS: $100 million annually.
  • Advocated the adoption of a bill that addressed the significant increase in unemployment insurance premiums. The bill reduced the insurance premium to all employers by 25%.
    POTENTIAL SAVINGS: More than $15 million annually.

To a large extent, the climate for the home building industry is determined by state and local political decisions. Joining the SC Builders PAC means you have a hand in who is elected to office and the legislation that will affect your bottom line. Your voice will be heard and you can make a difference! You do not have to be knowledgeable in politics to become a member. If you are concerned about the future of the home building industry in your community and in South Carolina, then you should join the SC Builders PAC.

For more information and/or to join SC Builders PAC, visit http://hbaofsc.com/sc-builders-pac or contact your HBA of Greenville office at (864) 254-0133.

Jon Statom named HBASC Associate Member of the Year

Jon Statom named HBASC Associate Member of the Year

Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) Announces Thomas N. Bagnal Builder and Associate of Year Awards

Jon Statom

On Saturday, November 9 at the annual Celebration of Excellence the Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) will award Berkley White, President of Classic Homes in Myrtle Beach, and Jon Statom of Palmetto Exterminators, Inc., in Greenville, the Thomas N. Bagnal Builder member of the Year and HBASC Associate of the Year awards, two of the most prestigious HBASC awards. Both awards are given to individuals who demonstrate tireless service to their community, Home Builders Association (HBA) and to the home building industry.

Jon Statom has been an ardent supporter of the Home Building industry and a member of the HBA of Greenville for more than 10 years. He serves on the Board of the HBA of Greenville and is Chairman of the Community Service Committee. Jon has been active in local Habitat for Humanity renovations and is a fervent supporter of the Home Building industry and the HBA.

According to Michael Dey, Executive Vice President of the HBA of Greenville, “Jon Statom’s tenet, which he practices every day, is to work toward the benefit of our community, industry and association. Jon has quietly, but consistently served our association for more than a decade, and has become a valuable member of our association’s leadership team.”  Statom was named HBA of Greenville Associate Member of the Year in 2012.

Berkley White will be honored for his tireless dedication to the home building industry and the HBA. Berkley has been a member of the Horry-Georgetown HBA since 1997 and is a co-founder of Classic Homes with his mother Susan, and is joined by his wife Kim. A Certified Master Builder, Berkley has served as President of the Horry-Georgetown HBA and on the Board of HBASC. Classic Homes has been chosen as the area’s exclusive member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program.

According to many of his peers, Berkley is a highly regarded Home Builder and member of his community. Rose Anne O’Reilly, Executive Director of the Horry-Georgetown HBA, calls him “an asset to the entire industry and his community. Berkley exemplifies the title ‘Thomas N. Bagnal Builder Member of the Year’ for his efforts as a builder, member of our association, community volunteer and friend.”

The HBASC commends both men on their commitment to the home building industry and to their community.

The Thomas N. Bagnal Builder member of the Year and HBASC Associate of the Year awards will be presented at the Celebration of Excellence on Saturday, November 9, at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa. Tickets for this event are on sale now at the Home Builders Association of South Carolina. For more information, call 803-771-7408 or visit www.hbaofsc.com.