Resolutions for Your Home Will Ring in Lasting Satisfaction

Resolutions for Your Home Will Ring in Lasting Satisfaction

For most people, New Year’s resolutions are for self-improvement such as exercising and losing weight. Why not try something different this year? This year, instead of, or perhaps in addition to that, consider resolving to improve your home. A completed home improvement project, even a simple one, will make a noticeable difference that will last.

For example, resolve to:

Lay the groundwork. Is it obvious where people walk in your house? Maybe it’s time to refinish your floors or replace the carpet. A refreshed expanse underfoot brightens the whole room.

Throw on some color. Revitalize a tired bathroom with a fresh new paint color. You could also add pizzazz to your dining room with bold wallpaper.

Light it up. Lower your utility bill and help the planet by replacing light bulbs with LEDs, or light up a shadowy span of countertop with a stick-on LED strip under the cabinet. Lastly, consider replacing a dated fixture over your dining table or kitchen island with an engaging pendant light.

Tidy up. Clean out a storage space by clearing off that table right inside the door. Empty the “you name it” drawer in the kitchen and go through the linen closet to donate the old towels and sheets to an animal shelter for bedding. Then, take three items out of the garage and donate them to Goodwill. This just might stimulate a deeper cleaning next weekend.

Look ahead. Think about what you want in the next five to ten years. Will your kids soon be teens? If so, consider fixing up the basement area as a movie area. Are there changes you can start now that will make your home more usable as you age? A project as simple as replacing round door knobs with levered handles will help. Even remodeling your bathroom with a no-threshold shower is something to think about.

Whether you embark on a quick DIY project that takes a few hours or an entire renovation, or whether you choose to do it yourself or bring in an Approved Professional Builder—home improvements will reward you while you are challenged to keep your other New Year’s resolutions.

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