Calculated Risk: housing inventory is down 22 percent

The media tells us that there is a glut of housing on the market.  We hear regular alarm bells about “overhang” and foreclosures sending housing prices down further.  But do the alarms match reality?

According to a report in Calculated Risk (Dude, Where’s my inventory?), the inventory of housing is down 22 percent from the same time last year.  Read the entire report at Calculated Risk by clicking here.

Residential Construction Employment Rose in 2011

Residential Construction Employment Rose in 2011

Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics

For the first time since 2006, residential construction rose.  Employment in residential construction rose 46,000 jobs in 2011, and currently stands at 2.18 million jobs lower than its peak in 2006.  According to Calculated Risk, construction employment is still “mostly moving sideways, but at least it was not a drag on employment and GDP in 2011.”

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National Public Radio also provided good news about construction employment in a report they aired on January 6.

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