The Headlines September 8, 2017

Ten Home Building industry stories we have read recently:

  • US home prices surge in June, led by Seattle.  AP.
  • A temporary Band-Aid on labor shortages.  NAHBNow.
  • Ditching Digital Distractions.  REALTORMag.
  • HUD report shows housing affordability crisis is worsening.  NAHBNow.
  • The housing collapse hit minorities hardest — and the impact is still being felt across America.  Business Insider.
  • Almost 80,000 starts last year were tear-downs (23,800 in the South).  NAHBNow.
  • Diverse millennial population could change housing as we know it.  Housingwire.
  • Four major U.S. cities ring housing bubble alarm.  CNBC.
  • High prices and student loans put housing out of reach, readers say.  Los Angles Times.
  • Builders report labor shortages on the rise.  NAHBNow.
September 8, 2017.

Business Insider: Tight lending standards are #1 reason housing recovering is slow

In a report by David Zervos of Jeffries & Co., the number one reason for the continued sluggishness in the U.S. Housing Market is tight lending standards.  Specifically, in addition to very stringent credit standards, Zervos cites the larger than normal spread between what bank’s pay for funds and what they charge for home loans.

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