Greenville homebuilders show appreciation for local Wounded Warrior

Greenville homebuilders show appreciation for local Wounded Warrior

Each year, the Home Builders Association of Greenville holds an Associate Appreciation Night to thank companies and individuals that support the business of homebuilding. From bankers to brick masons, the Home Builders Association of Greenville is your source for finding builders, remodelers, specialty contractors, manufacturers, financial and insurance professionals, realtors, and many others who offer products and services for homeowners and first-time homebuyers.

This year’s Associate Appreciation Night was even more special as we were able to thank a local veteran for his service to our country with an exciting gift. As homebuilders, our passion is to provide people with the American Dream of homeownership. Without the service of those like Marine Sgt. Michael Batton of Mauldin, SC, attaining that dream could never happen.

In September of 2006, Michael was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq where he served as a headquarters platoon sergeant. During a mortar attack in December of that year, Michael sustained a traumatic brain injury, and was medivaced to Germany. Michael was granted permanent military retirement in April of 2011 and presently lives in Mauldin with his wife, Sarah, and their two children, Jenna and Tyler.

In conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project, the Home Builders Association of Greenville is providing the Batton family with a kitchen remodel as our way of saying thank you for everything Michael and his family have sacrificed for our country. We are hopeful the kitchen makeover will give the Battons an inviting space to create many fond family memories.

Several members of the Home Builders Association of Greenville will team up for the Batton kitchen remodel to be completed by the New Year. Those HBA members are:

Dillard-Jones Renovations, LLC
Builders First Source
GBS Building Supply
Progress Lighting
Sherwin Williams
Oldcastle Surfaces
Greer Flooring Center
Gateway Supply Company
The Cook’s Station

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) began when several veterans and friends – moved by stories of the first wounded service members returning home from Afghanistan and Iraq – took action to help others in need. What started as a program to provide comfort items to wounded service members has grown into a complete rehabilitative effort to assist warriors as they recover and transition back to civilian life. The program seeks to: raise awareness and enlist public aid for the needs of injured service members; help injured service members aid and assist each other; and provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.

The Home Builders Association of Greenville is excited to be a part of this worthwhile project and encourages you to take a look at how you might get involved this holiday season by visiting

Nov. 10: HBA of Greenville Annual Meeting will feature Rob Leinbach, CEO, Walton International

Nov. 10: HBA of Greenville Annual Meeting will feature Rob Leinbach, CEO, Walton International

HBA of Greenville’s Annual Meeting and Associate Appreciation Night will be held Thursday, November 10, at TD Convention Center.

The evening begins with a 5:30 p.m. reception, followed by dinner featuring Anderson native Rob Leinbach, CEO of Seatlle-based Walton International. Rob will speak on ‘Trends in Real Estate Development’. 
HBA associate members may attend the meeting at no charge, compliments of builder members Addison Homes LLC, Advanced Renovations, Dillard-Jones Builders LLC, Hollison Custom Homes, Quinn Satterfield Inc., and Sadler Company. 
The meeting will include election of 2012 HBA of Greenville officers and directors and recognition of Spike members and volunteers. The meeting also features a special presentation to honor a wounded warrior on Veterans Day.  

HBA Slate of Officers and Directors

Your HBA of Greenville Annual Meeting is November 11. Among the business of the meeting is the election of officers and directors for 2011.

The Nominating Committee recommends for your consideration this slate of officers and directors:

  • President (2011): Wayne Moore, Harold Moore Builder
  • President Elect (2011): Hal Dillard, H. Dillard Co., Inc.
  • Vice President (2011): Robert Markel, GMR, Hadrian Construction Co., Inc.
  • Treasurer (2011-2013): Chuck Childress, BB&T
  • Secretary (2011-2013): Coleman Shouse, Lazarus-Shouse Communities
  • Associate Vice President (2011): Scott Presley, Greer State Bank
  • Immediate Past President (2011): Thomas Dillard, CGP, Dillard-Jones Builders
  • President’s Appointee (2011): Richard Powers, Piedmont Natural Gas
  • Associate Director (2011-2013): Larry Hazenfield, ProBuild
  • Associate Director (2011-2012): Lou Hutchings, GBS Lumber
  • Builder Director (2011-2013): Hardy Peters, Reedy Construction, LLC
  • Builder Director (2011-2013): Chris Bailey, Stoneledge Properties
  • Builder Director (2011-2012): Alan Boone, Advanced Renovations, LLC
  • Builder Director (2011-2012): Mike Freeman, Freewood Builders
  • Builder Director (2011): Brad Thompson, CMB, 1st Choice Custom Homes

In addition, the following directors will continue to serve in 2011:

  • Associate Director (2011-2012): Michael Cox, Home Builders Insurance
  • Associate Director (2011-2012): Jim Blume, First Savers Bank
  • Associate Director (2011): Tom Ward, Home Team Pest Defense
  • Associate Director (2011): Eric Hedrick, Cornerstone Contractors
  • Builder Director (2011): Dan Rawls, Dan Rawls Co.

Click here to register for the Annual Membership Meeting and Associate Appreciation.

HBA Bylaws Amendment Proposed

Your HBA of Greenville Bylaws Committee has recommended three amendments to the association’s Bylaws. The amendments are:

Amendment 1, add to the end of Article XIII (Voting, Proxies, and Quorums) of the Bylaws a new section:

The President may conduct meetings of the Board of Directors by electronic means. Electronic means includes telephone conference call, internet-based video conference, fax, or email. Actions taken in meetings held by electronic means shall have the same effect as a meeting with the Board of Directors physically assembled and meeting in a common location.

Meetings conducted by electronic means are limited to one topic, must meet the notice requirements of Article VII, Section 4 of these Bylaws, and may not take the place of regularly-scheduled meetings. The quorum requirements of the Bylaws also must be followed.

Business conducted according to this Section will be recorded in minutes of the meeting and presented to the Board of Directors by the Secretary for the approval of the Board of Directors. When taking a vote by electronic means, the President must poll all board members with voting privileges.

When meeting by conference call or internet-based video conference, the meeting will be conducted in the same manner as a meeting in which the members are physically assembled.

When email or fax is used to take a vote, the President must establish a deadline for responding to the request for vote and the deadline must be at least five (5) days following transmittal of the business to the voting members of the Board of Directors. The deadline to vote must be included in the request for a vote. Any votes received after the deadline will not be counted. Response to the request for vote must be either “yes”, “no” or “I desire a discussion”. If three members of the Board of Directors request discussion of the topic, the special meeting will be declared adjourned by the President and the matter must be added to the agenda of the next meeting of the Board of Directors. Members casting their vote when requested by email or fax may respond in the following manner: by email, fax, telephone, or in person at the association’s office. All votes will be collected by the Executive Vice President. After the deadline for the vote has passed, the Executive Vice President will report the results of the voting to the Secretary, who will approve the results and report them to the Board of Directors.

This section also applies to any standing committee, Council Board of Trustees, or committee or task force properly formed by the Board of Directors.

RATIONALE: State law requires that the bylaws allow for meeting and voting by electronic means in order for meetings and votes to be held electronically. This amendment will satisfy state law and allow the Board of Directors and committees to meet by conference call as well as allow for voting on non-controversial matters by electronic ballot.

Amendment 2, Add to the end of Article X (Board of Directors), Section 5, of the Bylaws:

If an Officer or Director has missed consecutive meetings of either the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee, the Officer or Director is ineligible to vote until he or she has attended one meeting without voting privileges of the governing body at which he or she has missed consecutive meetings.

RATIONALE: The bylaws are proposed to be strengthened the voting rights of a member of the Board of Directors who has missed two meetings in a row. The Bylaws Committee believes that consistency of attendance is important to good association governance and this amendment will encourage directors to consistently attend meetings of the Board of Directors.

Amendment 3, Amend Article X (Board of Directors), Sec. 7., of the Bylaws as follows:

(a) Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held each month quarterly and may meet at other times when a meeting is called in compliance with Section 7.b. of this Article. The President may cancel meetings of the Board of Directors when there is a lack of business to conduct. However, the Board of Directors must meet at least ten (10) four (4) times in a year and may not fail to meet for two four consecutive months.

RATIONALE: This amendment will allow the Board of Directors to meet less frequently while still fully addressing the association’s business. The Board of Directors would like to meet quarterly for regular business and will meet at least two additional times during the year for strategic planning and orientation. This change is consistent with best practice for association boards of directors and is intended to be more efficient with the time of volunteers and staff.

The Bylaws amendments will be considered at the association’s Annual Membership Meeting on November 11. To register for the Annual Meeting, click here.

HBA Annual Meeting and Associate Appreciation

Your HBA of Greenville will meet for its Annual Membership Meeting on November 11. At this meeting we will:

  • Recognize our Associate Members
  • Elect the 2011 Board of Directors
  • Vote on three proposed changes to the Bylaws

Our guest speaker is Mike Lowman, President, Mike Lowman Homes in Columbia and President Elect of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina. Mike will report on the work of HBASC and other trends important to South Carolina’s home builders.

The event will feature a social hour followed by dinner, our speaker, and the business of the association.

Click here to register for the Annual Meeting and Associate Appreciation dinner.

Our Annual Membership Meeting and Associate Appreciation is sponsored by our Builder members. Our sponsors so far include:

  • Freewood Builders
  • Hollison Custom Homes, LLC
  • Harold Moore Builder, Inc.
  • Sadler Company, Inc., of Greenville
  • Addison Homes, LLC
  • H. Dillard Co., Inc.
  • Dillard-Jones Builders
  • Quinn Satterfield, Inc.
  • Gabriel Builders
  • First Choice Custom Homes

Builder members, please consider sponsoring. To sponsor, click on the registration button and select Builder Sponsor.

Associate members are free compliments of the Builder member sponsors.