In 2012, the SC Department of Revenue was hacked and nearly every South Carolina citizen and business became at risk of identity theft. In response the State of South Carolina has offered free credit monitoring through Experian. That contract expires this month.

New coverage begins October 24 through CSIdentity Corp.  The State of South Carolina is paying CSIdentity up to $8.5 million to provide credit monitoring to anyone affected by the breach of state computers, so there is no charge to you for the service. However, the initial service is not transferable between the two companies.  Therefore, you will need to sign-up again for the free credit monitoring.

Eligible taxpayers can now sign up for the identity protection through CSIdentity by doing one of the following:

Click here
Call 855-880-2743

Enrollment will remain open until October 1, 2014, and CSIdentity’s service will end October 31, 2014, unless renewed by the State of South Carolina.

More information regarding the changeover also is available through the South Carolina Department of Revenue website,