Representative Rick Quinn (R), of Richland County, along with Reps. Merrill, Rivers, and Atwater, and 20 other co-sponsors, introduced H.3490 earlier this week. This bill is a top legislative priority for your Home Builders Association.  The purpose of the bill is to lower the paperwork and tax burden that local government places on businesses.

As introduced, this legislation would create a centralized collection system under the SC Department of Revenue, and bring South Carolina into the 21st century by allowing online payment of these fees. Additionally, the bill would change the payment structure from its current form. Businesses would be required to pay the business license fee only in the jurisdiction where the company’s state income tax return is address, and the fee is capped at $100 per business. This would be a huge relief to businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions while also improving the ease of compliance.

Your Home Builders Association is currently working with the National Federation of Independent Business as well as other groups to push for this legislation. Our group is working on a study to demonstrate just how cumbersome and onerous this problem is for our members. It is our hope that this information will illustrate to the General Assembly the significance of this problem and the need for reform.

This is where you come in. If you have experienced difficulties with business license fees in your area, please feel free to send them to Matt Niehaus a If you have any questions about this, or any other issue, please feel free to contact Matt.  You also can call him at 803-771-7408.

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