You have probably heard of ReWiGo but what you may not know is what it stands for- Ready, Willing, and Going. Your HBA of Greenville Community Service Committee has guided the ReWiGo team to companies ready to help with each need- mostly during times when the Community Service Committee has been working on other projects. Now ReWiGo a non-profit helping to create safe, healthy, sustainable home environments for elderly, disabled, and impoverished people is asking for our help. Below is a current list of needs they have, if you would like to help please contact them here or contact the HBA office at 864-254-0133 for more information.  

Volunteer Opportunities
FIT Team Member (First Impression Team) – First line of contact with the homeowners. Returns calls to the homeowner from their helpline message. Enter information into a web-based form. Requires use of internet and phone.
FIT Coordinator – Recruit FIT volunteers. Meet with volunteers to train them. Help maintain organization of the team.
Site Visitors – Visit the house and get a general idea about the project. Assist homeowner in filling out application and getting signatures on required forms. Complete home checklist. Take before pictures of the house.
Delivery Person – Deliver trailer and/or supplies to the home the day before the project. Pickup trailer at the end of the project or the following day. Must have a truck with towing capability.
Site Leader – Leads a volunteer work group. Has skills and tools needed to lead a large group in building ramps or flooring projects.
Work Groups – Teams of volunteers willing and able to work on a project. Volunteers can have a variety of experience.
Follow-up – Call homeowner six months after the project to make sure everything is ok.