On January 9, 2016 your Home Builders Association is working with Rebuild Upstate to repair and rehabilitate a family’s home in Greenville. We are looking for volunteers to do the work, as well as material donated to help fray the cost. Please contact Crystal Yanes at (864) 254-0133 or cyanes@hbaofgreenville.com if you are interested in donating or volunteering.

Description of Work: Repair front steps; build ramp off back porch with concrete sidewalk to driveway; HVAC ducts need re-wrapping; replace toilet and sink in master bath.

Background: Ms. Jones is a 70 year old woman with severe arthritis and cancer She has  hard time getting around, and no funds due to medical treatments and fixed income to spend on repairs on her trailer. The handrails on her front step are not secured well, and the treads are mildewy and slippery. She would benefit from a ramp out of her back door, her duct work needs to be re-wrapped, and her toilet and sink need to be replaced. With these repairs, we will give her a safer and more sustainable place to live.

Other Info:

  • Number of volunteers needed: 8
  • Plan to work from 8-5
  • Please carpool, if possible. Parking is limited
  • Please bring your own snacks and lunch.
  • Please wear close-toe shoes and dress appropriately
  • Please fill out the Volunteer Release Form below