Your Home Builders Association conducts an annual census of its builder and associate members in order to better understand the composition and characteristics of its membership. The census collects company as well as demographic information. This blog entry summarizes findings from the 2013 Builder member census, with a more extensive article available here. A later entry will summarize findings from the 2013 Associate member census.

Over half of builder members in 2013 were single-family builders (58%), and about a quarter were residential remodelers (24%). Far smaller shares were involved with multifamily building or commercial remodeling (5% each), and commercial building or land development (4% each). Less than half of 1% were manufacturers of modular/panelized/log homes.

About half of builder members had 4 or fewer employees in 2013 (54%). The median number of employees was 4 and the average 11. Only 3 percent of builder members reported having 50 employees or more.

In 2013, builders started an average of 43 units (up from 30 units in 2012), while the median number of units started rose to 5 (from 4 in 2012). The majority (60%) of builders started between 1 and 10 units, while only 8% started 100 units or more. Median revenue among builder members rose to $1.8 million in 2013, a 65% increase compared to 2012. From 2008 to 2011, builders’ median revenue remained largely unchanged at around $900,000.

The median builder is 56 years old; the vast majority are male (93%), White (97%), and non-Hispanic/Latino (98%).