The Greenville County Planning Commission voted to table a proposed ordinance that would allow for the creation of zoning overlay districts throughout the zoned areas of Greenville County. The ordinance is in response to a subdivision in Southern Greenville County that was approved for single-family residences under the existing R-S zoning classification, but has recently been marketed for “mobile home sites” which are permitted under the existing zoning classification subject to specific restrictions.

The Legislative Committee of your Home Builders Association, chaired by Home Builder Rick Quinn, reviewed the ordinance and concluded that it is not in the best interest of Home Builders or the county. They concluded that the ordinance does not solve the problem of allowing manufactured housing by right in the R-S and other zoning districts, and would implement an entirely new layer of zoning in the county at a time when the county is nearing completion of a new Comprehensive Land Use Plan. They also concluded that an overlay district over the existing zoned areas will affect the value of the underlying property because a purchaser can not depend on the base zoning remaining valid.

The issue is not completely resolved because it could come up again before County Council.