Conventional wisdom, the national media, and planning professionals would have you believe that Americans are moving to attached housing (apartments and condominiums) in droves.  A report by NewGeography finds reality defies that conventional wisdom.

NewGeography analyzed the top 51 housing markets (over 1 million population) and compared Census data from 2000 and 2010.  The results of their findings include:

  • Single-Family Detached housing attracted 79.2 percent of new households
  • Multi-Family Attached housing attracted 11.8 percent of new households
  • Two-Unit Attached housing attracted 11.3 percent of new households
  • Other housing, like mobile homes and boats, declined by 2.3 percent
A total of 4 million new new single family homes were added in the 51 markets, while apartments and condominiums added 590,000 units and attached houses added 570,000 units.
Planners argue that condominiums tend to be more attractive in larger housing markets due to higher land costs.  However, planners and demographers do anticipate a slight shift in preference to attached housing in the coming decades as Generation Y enters the housing market.