Featured Home of the Week from the Upstate Parade of Homes: The Cambridge at Braxton Ridge by Aurthur Rutenberg Homes.

By Matt Shouse, APB, President, Home Builders Association of Greenville and Partner, LS Homes

It is the New Year, and you would like to rejuvenate your home. You are not going to move walls or add on. But you would like to breathe some new life into where you live. Here are a few easy updates that will make your house seem instantly new to you.

Paint the trim. Refresh your main living space by painting the trim. Crisp baseboards and moldings go a long way to revitalizing the whole room.

Replace or recover a piece of furniture. Even one new chair or a reupholstered sofa can refresh an entire room. Create a new focal point with a new coffee table, mirror, or area rug. Even without new furnishings or upholstery, rearranging your furniture will breathe new life into a room.

Add fresh accessories. Pillows and throws can quickly change a room’s style by adding vibrant colors or calming neutrals, while also enhancing warmth and comfort. Floor-to-ceiling drapes just outside a window’s width expand a room up and out.

Make your home a little smarter. There are a variety of economical smart-home hubs to choose from today.  It is easier than ever to take that first step into the world of smart-home living. From there you can add smart appliances, door locks, garage door opener, thermostat, and home security system.

Give a small bathroom a new character. Bright-colored walls really make a small bathroom pop, and feel larger. Meanwhile, colors and patterns can overwhelm a large room, so go the other way and make a larger bathroom an oasis of serenity with light blue-grey walls.

Look at lighting with new eyes. Is there an area that could use more light? A warmer glow? Add a lamp to a table in a dim corner to open up the room.  Pendant lights are not just for dining areas — a stylish pendant fixture hanging next to the arm of the sofa or guest bed is an object of interest as well as a source of light. In the kitchen, install LED strip lighting under cabinets where work surfaces below could use a little illumination.

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