With numerous legislative and regulatory proposals taking aim at the American Dream of homeownership and federal elections just around the corner this November, NAHB is seeking to harness the public’s well-documented support for this worthy cause through our newly launched website at ProtectHomeownership.com. This consumer-oriented website alerts readers to the numerous threats to homeownership, including recent proposals to scale back or eliminate the mortgage interest deduction, raise the minimum downpayment on most mortgages and revoke federal government support for the housing finance system. The site also connects visitors to social communities at Facebook.com/ProtectHomeownership and Twitter.com/4Homeownership to facilitate discussion on related issues and news. In all, we hope to empower citizens from all across this country to step up and tell their political representatives how important homeownership is to them, and how strongly they feel about the need to preserve critical homeownership incentives in the U.S. tax code and regulatory policy. Click here to visit the site.