The State Unemployment Insurance Tax System (SUITS) will be the S.C. Department of Employment and Work Force’s (DEW) new online system designed to help employers file unemployment insurance wage reports and pay unemployment taxes. The previous tax system is considered antiquated and hard to maintain. SUITS will provide employers with immediate account accessibility and streamlined business processing.
Employers will be able to submit the reports using manual entry, copy from a previous quarter, or employers can upload an electronic file containing the wage information. The system will include the necessary functions for employers to submit and review information related to tax and wage reporting, including:
  • View and maintain account tax and wage information
  • View history of wage and tax report submissions for your account
  • Submit quarterly wage reports, including uploading data in standard data format (ICESA, EFW2, XML and CSV) (see the specification file here for uploading these formats)
  • Amend quarterly wage reports
More information about SUITS will be available soon.
Unemployment rate drops to lowest level since December 2000
South Carolina’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in May fell to its lowest rate since December 2000. The rate dropped to 4.1 percent in May from 4.3 percent in April. The number of unemployed dropped by 4,932 to 96,526, the lowest level since April 2001, while the number of individuals working across the state showed little change, sliding down by 513 to 2,232,168. The state’s labor force decreased by 5,445 to 2,328,694 people in May. Click here to read more.