HBAofGreenville.com visitors can contact members directly

A new feature of your Home Builders Association’s website, HBAofGreenville.com, allows visitors to our website to send you a message directly from your listing on the website.

After a visitor to HBAofGreenville.com has found your listing under Find A Member, they can simply click on your listing and a message window will open that allows them to send you a message.  They do not have access to your email address, but the window includes a verification code that they must enter in order to send the message to prevent spam.  The message is sent directly to your email address with the subject, “Referral from Home Builders Association of Greenville.”

Your listing also includes a link to your website as well as your mailing address and telephone number.

“We are excited about this new feature at HBAofGreenville.com that allows consumers to email you directly without gaining access to your email address,” Michael Dey, Executive Vice President of the Home Builders Association, said.