These are the Top 10 Actions taken by NAHB to benefit members in May:

1. Credit Crisis: NAHB worked with members of Congress to draft the Residential Construction Lending Act. The bill is pending.
2. Cash for Caulkers: NAHB has taken steps to ensure that members will be tapped to participate in the work resulting from legislation that will offer tax-free rebates for residential energy-efficiency improvements. The bill is pending.
3. Financial Regulatory Overhaul: NAHB was actively involved in passing the financial regulatory overhaul bill, Restoring American Financial Stability Act. The bill has passed Congress.
4. Green Multiple Listing Service Toolkit: NAHB developed a toolkit to help real estate appraisers provide more reliable valuations of homes with energy-efficient features.
5. Study demonstrates benefits of housing tax incentives: NAHB’s Economics and Housing Policy Group recently completed a study that demonstrates that households across the economic spectrum benefit from housing tax incentives.
6. Technical Assistance Hotline: NAHB has implemented a hotline where HBA members can find out about building products, techniques, technologies, and best practices. www.nahbrc/techassist
7. Construction Forecast Conference: NAHB’s semi-annual Construction Forecast Conference is held in the Spring and the Fall, and is now available via webcast.
8. Homebuyer Tax Credit: The credit expired on April 30. NAHB has developed a useful brochure called “Opportunity Knocks” that outlines why now is a great time to buy a new home.
9. OSHA Workplace Safety Agreement: NAHB and OSHA renewed a formal agreement to work together to provide home builders with information, guidance, and access to training to protect your workers on the job site.
10. Webinar on Using Social Media: The NAHB Professional Women in Building Council hosted a webinar to teach builders how to use social media to build their brand and sell more homes.

HBA of Greenville members benefit from a three-in-one membership. As an HBA member, a portion of your dues are sent to NAHB and your receive membership benefits like those above from the National Association of Home Builders.